Those Tiny Courageous Steps

In our childhood days at some point of time we would have heard the story of Timur and the ant. The ant was carrying a grain of rice much bigger than itself, with this load the ant tried to climb the wall but the grain fell down. Ant came down picked it up and climbed but the grain fell down again. Ant came down, again picked it up and then started to climb one more time but it fell again, this continued again and again till thirty three times when finally ant succeeded in taking the grain up the wall.

This story is an example that the will to achieve something is any day bigger than our fear. To Heal we need to face our fear, we need to accept our failure, we need to fight with our negative thoughts, we need to acknowledge our wounds, we need to let go.

We must make peace with our present, and let the silence be our voice. Silence has its own voice which allows our soul to be at peace with our thoughts. Deep into our thoughts, we can hear our inner voice. A voice that helps to heal our wounds, A voice that tells what’s best for us, A voice that lets us know what makes us content.

For me the best way to heal ourselves is let the Nature do it for us. Those mountains, those oceans, those trees, those birds have enormous power to make us happy. For once experience a sunrise and a sunset, hear the sound of wind, lie beneath an open sky with beautiful stars above, listen to the birds chirping, sit at rock in mid of a river, Have a Walk and Talk in the beauty of nature, we will find our answers because the answers we are looking for are within us.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

Nature can be the best healer and I’ve always allowed myself to heal in this beautiful place.

Little by Little, Day by Day those tiny courageous steps takes us away from our fear, let us heal and make us an achiever.



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